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Target Range Map

PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:31 pm
by Some Dude
I've just started getting back into Target shooting after a multi-decade break from owning a firearm and have joined a club for F Class target shooting. Expert Rifleman Reloaded has been a good simulator for me to get reacaquainted with many of the technical aspects of the sport that I was unaware of when I was simply plinking on the farm.

A suggestion based on my experiences so far. One of the things I am hoping to use the simulator for a lot of windage practice. In F Class, we only get ~20-4 shots in 10-12 shot groups. This makes practice and learning from repition somewhat problematic, especially for longer ranges. I'd like to suggest a map that emulates an F Class style target range with electronic targets (we use Hex Systems) from 300 - 1000 yards, and flags for shooters to guage the wind. These pictures are from a couple of the local clubs websites showing the range and the flags at various distances used to help guage windage.

Natives Rifle Club

Pacific Rifle Club

Thanks for this simulator. It's worth every dollar and if a map emulating the F Class environments was implemented, I think a lot of the clubs would recommend this simulator to new starters.